Today’s Adventure: The HARVESTER IS AT WORK

Jam Fact: I love where we live.

Yesterday they came to harvest the barley crop. The paddocks had a lovely golden hue in the morning light and certainly looked ready to be reaped.

The machine is a big one and I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a lot of dust as it worked its way around the paddocks.  The waiting truck was filled in no time.

Not sure where the seed is destined, shall have to ask. Maybe it will be off to be brewed into some fancy beer. Who knows –we just provide the land.

Three of the paddocks were taken off –then the crop in the long paddock was so thick it clogged up the machine. By the time it was cleared the day was done and the weekend was upon us. They will return early Monday morning to finish off.

 The owners of the crop are very happy with the yield so far and that was certainly good to hear. MY J is very happy to see the paddocks put to good use now that Luke doesn’t allow him to work the farm.

 Hopefully the remainder of the crop will yield just as good.

Very windy here today so just as well the harvester is not working but it will be on Monday. Look forward to seeing the rest of the crop come off.


Until Tomorrow – it’s the end of spring and so into summer we go.  Can’t wait – I love summer time.

The paddocks with their golden hue.

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