Jam Fact: I like to see the ducks on our dam.

The season for duck hatching has just finished. The ducks we have – not sure of their names or the type of ducks they are but I believe they are the pretty common ones; anyway they come every year at this time and nest in amongst the reeds and bushes by the dam. When we first came to live here there were only about 4 ducks – now we have triple that amount but I have to say the ducks are not very good at raising their young. Here’s why I think that.

This year we had 8 little babies being taught by Mum and Dad Duck how to swim. 3 weeks later there are only 3 babies left. Whilst we don’t actually see the eagles or the foxes take them we know they do and so yesterday when I walked down to the dam the duck family was there – some were supervising from the edge and others were swimming with the now grown up ducklings.

They will stay here until late Feb when the dam dries up and then return each September after the winter rains have filled the dam.

I guess they find someone’s dam which doesn’t dry up in those intervening months. It is always a delight to see them return and watch as they increase their family numbers. Apparently so someone told me, they mate for life so I guess that is why we have seen their numbers increase over the years.

I just like the fact that they always come back here every year, mate and produce little ducklings for me to watch enjoying their swim on the dam.

Until tomorrow –take care and enjoy these summer days.  


The three new babies.

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