Today’s Adventure: The harvesting is finished .It was good to watch and take photos of! 
Jam Fact: I like the summer look on our block – all gold and browns.

Yesterday they finished harvesting. They had to go really slow in the front block as the crop was very thick. It yielded the best amount per acre overall. Not sure why it gave the best yield as it certainly isn’t the best of the soils. The front paddock where the old apricot tree is usually gives the best but it was beaten by the smaller block this year –first time in 20 years that has been the case.

The apricot tree is coming along nicely – must time the picking just right and beat the birds; they are not in my good books at the moment as they have eaten or should I say knocked off all my new rose shoots. The little blighters but I stilled filled up their bird bath because I like to watch them drink and flutter in an out of the bath. Watching them either from the veranda or through my kitchen window is a very calming and relaxing past time of mine!

 It was 38 here yesterday and we are forecast 40 + for the rest of the week. That’s okay as I am back swimming every day – the pool is another of my sanctuary areas here in my part of the world.

The paddocks are looking very dry now that the harvesting is over but I like the golden and brown look just as much as the green.

Until tomorrow –have some fun because you know what they say – life is too short to do otherwise and this little UNYOUNG definitely agrees with that!  


The best paddock - looking really thick and healthy .

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