Today’s Adventure: No adventures for a few days – I was a bit out of sorts but I am back in action now!

Jam Fact: Still only writing positive adventures on my blog.

For a few days last week,  I had a bit of a struggle but this UNYOUNG brain has now clicked back into gear and I am into the Christmas cheer with lunches, shopping and cake making happening!

Yes the Christmas cake is under way. I shouted myself a top shelf bottle of Napoleon brandy; had to take a top shelf bottle because all the cheapies so the young man said in the bottle shop were sold out. They had had a run on. He said lots of people my age had been in for their Christmas cake bottles. I have never bought such a fancy bottle before so I hope it makes the cake taste extra special!

I have also put the Christmas decorations on the piano [which I don’t play –that’s a story in itself for another day] up so the family room is looking sort of Christmassy. I also bought when I went lunching with my good friend D last week a Christmassy Meerkat. I love the look and mannerisms of Meercats and this one looks so cute and he is always smiling and that last week was something I badly needed but all good now.

My luncheons and activities for the last few days have been very positive so I am back thinking up my next adventure for UNYOUNG JAM.

Stay happy – Until Tomorrow, take care. Xx

Isn't he cute - love the smile and stance of him!

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