Today’s Adventure:A very special ham this year, as requested by MYJ after seeing it on one of his phone news apps.

Jam Fact: I love ham but it is on the restricted menu post latest heart episode.

Ham -always associated with Christmas eating in our household. This year MY J called for an early purchase of a ham leg and he would like one from Torre Butchers in Lake Street Northbridge as apparently on the news app he read, theirs was voted the best.

So a trip to Northbridge was scheduled for the end of last week.  I wasn’t sure of parking etc so I “invited” Mum L to come with me as my navigator. Turns out even better than that because Mum L said she would drive – how good was that!

So away we went; I had ice in esky as it was a 40 + day, ready for the purchase. Mum L found a parking spot right outside the RE Store, so we had lunch and a look around in there[ mentally made a note to go back another day to the smallgoods section – it looked very tasty indeed]and then set off down to Kakulas Brothers. I had never been there and it was on my bucket list to do so I had fun, fun, fun filling up paper bags with all sorts of stuff especially dried fruits etc for the planned Christmas Cake.  Then I smelled their coffees, so aromatic, all of them but in the end Mum L and I decided that The Blue Mountains one had a pretty good smell about it so I bought the beans and the very nice young lady ground them for me. I also bought a Kakulas shopping bag – as if  I haven’t got enough of those already but it just appealed to me and hey as I say a lot these days – Why not!    

We then walked over the road to a Gelato shop –a friend of Mum L’s brother owns it and she has known the young man pretty much all her life. What an array of delights. I picked in the end a scrumptious fruit sorbet thing and I gave it a perfect 10! It was so yummy. I will be back another day for sure.

We returned up the street – me walking in Northbridge, who would have thought –to Torres . What a beautiful shop and lots and I mean lots, of hams. I had rung up to order one but the young man said no need we have plenty UNYOUNG JAM  but  I will save one for you anyway. Well it is suffice to say I came out with a big leg of ham [yes there were plenty !], a duck, a meat stick, some meatballs, some free range eggs, some mince pies and some highly recommended Italian coffee. I simply loved the shop. Mum L also bought her family Christmas ham, scored ready for glazing plus a glaze and some other meat goodies.  

We returned back to Mum L’s , transferred the goodies into my esky with ice and off I drove very happily but  I had only been gone from Mum L’s place 10 minutes when my phone went so I pulled over and yes UNYOUNG JAM had left behind her Kakulas bag. Can’t have that so I went back and again started for home.

MY J was very,very pleased with the ham and duck [he loves duck, not so much me]

It was a fabulous ham shopping day and especially as I did it with Mum L. 

CHICHO Gelato William St Perth.

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