Today’s Adventure: I had fun making the Christmas cake.

Jam Fact: I am very happy with my success. I am not always a successful fruit cake maker! 

As I said before I have made a Christmas cake with the fruit from my Kakulas fun day out and yesterday we cut the cake to sample it. I reckon it was very good but MY J didn’t give it a 10 – I did though. Today however we had another piece and MY J poured some more Napoleon brandy over it and then declared the cake one of my best yet – a huge success; so it’s now a 10 from MY J which is pretty good going I say.

We decided we would have to cut smaller pieces though as it is pretty filling – it’s the jammed packed fruit in it.

VERY HOT here 45 on the back veranda but it’s hot with a capital H everywhere in WA but especially is in my part of the world. Just as well I cooked the cake earlier in the week when it was a little cooler or otherwise it wouldn’t have happened!

The last of the hay rolls were picked up VERY early yesterday morning [sunrise] and so the paddocks are now ready for the sheep to arrive after Christmas.

My vegetarian thing has been a bit backward at the moment – I can’t resist tasting the Torre ham every time I cut slices for MY J +  I am eating  mince pies like they are going out of fashion! I will endeavour to regroup this week. I have asked MY J to buy me a Jamie Oliver Vegetable Recipe  book for Christmas .I saw him make a very tasty potato bake with pickled vegetables on TV this week. I reckon I will give it a go.

I am in need of an update with the veg recipes – my repertoire is very limited as yet and I am still experimenting with herbs. I realise that I am too skimpy with them when you watch chefs use them. Maybe I need to go to a few cooking lessons. Kakulas might have some!

Until tomorrow – stay cool .

Just before the load up.

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