Today’s Adventure: 42 yesterday – 43 today Too hot for an ‘adventure today’ – summer is here with a vengeance!

Jam Fact: I love the summer time especially because I love to swim in our pool.

This is the first time since we have lived in this part of the world that we have had 40 degree+ days for over 5 days in a row. We are managing OK but what a God send air conditioning is. Fans, which we also have don’t even touch the surface!  

No adventures for this little UNYOUNG today except for sitting and sewing. I am working on my new project, it is a needle pouch. Not sure how to put it together yet but I will show you when it’s done! I’m sure my head will be challenged when I go to put the pieces together, ‘You tube’ is great to learn from for some things except it goes too fast and I am yet to successfully work out the pause button. Stay tuned for further developments with this. It’s definitely I can and I will do this as agreed my life would be from the ‘heart adventure’ point.  

Sewing group was on Friday and I had a ball but then I always do. Not much sewing but lots of laughs and lots of sharing. On R’s Pin interest page on her phone, whatever that is; I am yet to introduce myself to that but I will; so that’s another new adventure into the digital age that is now on my I will do list,  I found my new project for 2020. It is a quilt. It will take me about 12 months to complete I reckon but that’s OK. It will be just in time because my patchwork one that I did some 30 years ago has had too many mends and sadly needs to be relocated to a bin of some sort.  

So until tomorrow stay cool and hope fully the 40 degree spat of days will have eased to maybe the mid 30’s I can cope with those temperatures much better. UNYOUNG is maybe not as YOUNG as she thinks!   

The road to sewing.