Today’s Adventure: Sounds good – Cashew Coconut Butter. We will see if mine looks the same.

Jam Fact: I like toast well to be more precise, when the bread is just heated so not really toast as such.

I am back into my vegetarian regime –well just until the Christmas festivities set in because I know I won’t be able to resist the meats on offer but I will get back into it in the New Year.

2020. I think it will be a good one for this little UNYOUNG Capricornian. [I reckon I’m definitely due for a good one] because I have never lived in a double number year before. I’m not counting 2002 as those numbers are not quite the same. According to Mrs Google’s Stars, Capricorns are in for a change in 2020 – a good one and I’m onto it!

It says I will become more daring; I will feel invincible and nothing will scare me. Well that fits right into my Adventure a Day UNYOUNG JAM’s way of thinking, so I am on all systems go as soon as day one 2020 comes.

Stage one of the Cashew Coconut Butter is to boil my jars ready for filling so as it was 43 here today I only did stage one – too hot to cook. So that will be tomorrow’s adventure. If it turns out OK guess what my friends will have in their Christmas bags!
If it isn’t any good, although the Vegetarian book says it’s very yummy, [I’ve learnt with Vegetarian that when they say something is very yummy, in my language it actually means good maybe even bordering on OK] I shall have to eat it all myself and find something else to make for the Christmas bags although I know time is running out at only 9 days to go.

I haven’t found any vegetarian mince pie recipes yet – still looking – in the meantime the renowned B H Bakery makes very nice ones and they keep having having my name on them.

Until tomorrow -stay cool.

My Happy Little Meercat in amongst the piano Christmas decorations.

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