Today’s Adventure: Some of my cooking exploits turn out, others do not. As MY J says when I have a failure – your heart wasn’t in it! And dare I say it he is probably right. 

Jam Fact: I like to try new recipes, especially now I am UNYOUNG

Well, what can I say!  My preparation for the new vegetarian cashew coconut spread recipe was good but what a disaster it turned out to be. The taste was pretty ordinary and it  is definitely not my cup of tea so I resorted to my Lemon Butter for the Christmas bags. The little jars look OK and once I tie the Christmas ribbons on they will be ready for the bags.  The lemons because of the heat, were not as “sweet” as they usually are so the Lemon Butter is a little on the tart side but I shall warn all the recipients to be prepared for a different taste with this batch!

Talking of the heat and our fruit crops this year; the apricots ripened earlier than usual. For the almost 20 years we have lived here, we always pick the apricots a few days before Christmas, not this year though. Yesterday when we went out to the front paddock to check, the remains of what was an excellent crop are on the ground. LUCKY parrots!

This heat, 42 again today, has certainly interfered with our fruit crops all round this year + the little rabbit that lives in our front paddock has eaten all the grapes!

A successful cooking day in the end, not quite what the plan was when I started out today but none the less I am very happy with the outcome.

Until tomorrow – happy Christmas shopping!