Today’s Adventure: STILL HOT, some respite with a shower of rain recently but climbing back up to the 40 ‘s again in the next few days.

Jam Fact: I have always liked the summer time.

Yesterday, no the day before was a really,really  good one. Not that all my days aren’t good considering the alternative but today’s adventures had that bit extra about them.I have missed writing on my UNYOUNG IS FUN Blog the last couple of days simply because I have been out Christmas socialising. 

The first thing I did on the day I am talking about –  Wed,  was to wrap all my Christmas presents just to check and to see if I had missed anything and yes, surprise, surprise  I had. Plus don’t you hate /love it when you run out of paper –when the pressie is slightly more awkward to wrap than you thought and it takes up nearly a whole roll! I also remembered when I had finished wrapping,I forgot to put on the Christmas Carols CD whilst I wrapped – a Mum tradition – oops sorry Mum new tradition happening here!

 So just as well there is some time left before the Big Day! I know what I want so that’s always a plus before you go shopping. I even got what I wanted in Downtown Northam! Yes shop Country – you may be surprised what you find in stores there.

The second thing I did was to share a very special “Christmas Lunch” with my friend D.  It was a Christmas special at cafe YASOU in Northam. We often go there for a coffee. We were supposed to have booked for it but we played oh we didn’t know which we honestly didn’t but the lady said because she knew us, well yes we have drunk lots there over the years, she would do it. And what a feast it was. I didn’t eat any dinner that  night I was still full. 6 courses and they were all YUM. No weight loss happening here  I can assure you.

A great day for this little UNYOUNG. Who cares if it hot if you are having fun.

Until Tomorrow – remember to be kind to yourself.


Last course - Mulberry Icecream. Very Yum. Mince Pie -best I have had so far this year. I took a 6 pack home to MY J.

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