Today’s Adventure: Our Christmas catch ups are all happening. A very special one for me was our catch with my brother and sister in law. Mandurah was our rendezvous point. It’s sort of half way for both of us.

Jam Fact: I love my family.

The meet up happened in the foreshore car park at Mandurah. We always ring one another when we arrive.  The laugh was on me because we trying to ascertain the best parking spot, I was telling MY J the best one and he had already picked one, yes different to mine, then when he did pull in to one, I was rabbiting on about how we were crooked in the park. Honestly sometimes I am simply just a pain in the …..what does it matter UNYOUNGJAM!

Plus there was a woman in the next park telling her husband who was already in their SUV, I can’t get in, this car,[points to us] is too close. So he backs out and MY J winds down the window and says sorry – she says oh no all good but blushed to her hair tips because she knew she had been caught complaining she couldn’t get in!

MY J and I finally agree that the park was OK and then the phone rings, which is always in my bag on the back seat and by the time I get it out, it stops. We get out and MY J says there’s a better park at the end, I think I’ll go up to that one. So he is moving the car and I finally look at my phone to see who it is and it’s my sister in law so I ring back and she is laughing and I look up and there they are in the car, backed in[ my brother has always  backed into car parks, not sure why] and they had watched the whole performance especially of me trying to get phone out of bag [ he has told me many times to keep phone out when in the  car!] so we were laughing when we met and we pretty much laughed all the time during our get together.

A very special time was spent with them both and until our next time in Mandurah xx love you dearly.

Until tomorrow – stay happy. 

The Mandurah Foreshore. I think the triangle shapes are light pontoons.

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