Today’s Adventure: Sometimes I forget what day it is – now that I am retired. I forgot to tell you about the Sewing get together Christmas Lunch. We had it last Friday and here it is Monday! 

Jam Fact: I love my sewing group.

Last Friday it was the Christmas Sewing Lunch at Cafe R. It was a beautiful setting and a fantastic lunch with my dear sewing friends.

We ate, we laughed, didn’t sing but we did pretty much every other happy thing and one of the best things was that we decided on our dates for next year’s outings.

The first outing will be to Mandurah – my pick really, although we all agreed it was a left over idea from this year’s list of where to go.  I have always wanted to catch the train to Mandurah, so we will be off doing that in a few weeks. Half the fun is deciding where we are going to go and whether we will need Uber R to take us there. 

The food was just beautiful, every one bought a scrumptious plate of some sort but my pick was the Vegetarian Lasagne that my Friend R made especially for me. It was YUM. I have the recipe so it will be on my menu very soon.

Cafe R was definitely the place to be for this year’s Christmas Sewing Lunch. 

Until tomorrow- stay happy and if you can’t be really happy sing some Chrissie Carols; they are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

Mandurah here I come.

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