Today’s Adventure: Christmas brings on a mix of emotions – thinking of good times past and what Christmas means to me now. ALL GOOD.

Jam Fact: I believed in Father Christmas until I was 12 and I have always had 2 serves of pudding!

MY J and I had a great day yesterday.

We first had our own full on Christmas lunch and this little UNYOUNG even managed to crackle the pork – first time ever that I managed it and we were all tidied up by 1 pm. There was a method to our early lunch – we were making sure we had emptied out ready for the Christmas Evening meal with the 4 L’s.

A first for me with coaching from MY J of course,was not to go back for a second serve  of pudding – yes UNYOUNG JAM only had one serve of pudding this year! Yes a new tradition is in the making. But I must say there was some disappointment with the pudding – not quite like the picture on the pack. When we up ended it after its zap from the microwaving, there was no sauce. MY J and I just stared when it came out – we were both rendered speechless. Then MY J remarked; where’s the sauce on top like in the picture? There was none, must have missed it out in the packaging. Still, it was pretty nice just the same, especially after the brandy sauce, cream and ice cream was on top. OOPS!  The diet is just on the backburner for a few days!

Our evening sojourn was delightful with the 4 L’s and some of Mum L’s family. Mum L’s Dad had caught us some crayfish and he cooked it with a special sauce in the oven – in a word YUM. Everything else on offer was great but I must comment on Mum L’s Turkish hand made bread –YUM too!

The L’s gave me the CD of DOWNTOWN ABBEY –there is a story to that but that’s for another day.

A great Christmas 2019.

I hope yours was great too.

Until Tomorrow –ENJOY Life to the max.


Our cat Buttercup after her Christmas lunch!

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