Today’s Adventure: That’s  a picture of Mum and guess who in Forrest Place Perth . I was about 2 – 3  years old. 
Jam Fact: I love my life.

Today I am feeling pretty OK. Yesterday not so good but then the alternative is not even worth contemplating. Now that’s a conundrum in itself – why am I even going there! Your mantra UNYOUNG JAM is I can, I will and I am, now up and at ‘em girl!

It’s true I was a tad melancholy yesterday. I didn’t have any adventures. I get sad when I think of my Mum and Dad too much and yesterday I did just that. Christmas is a great time to make new memories but for me it also brings back old ones. The little old brain goes into overdrive and tries to relive all the great times I had growing up with Mum and Dad and that also leads to some regrets too; especially how I could have done some things differently.  

BUT no regret thinking today for this little UNYOUNG JAM.  I am back in action as I promised myself I would be when I started this BLOG – Only positives allowed here.  It’s gardening and walking and swimming and reading my new Jamie Oliver book “Vegan” today. A Chrissie present amongst other great things I received. I am sure it has some VERY tasty recipes awaiting me, so I’m right on to it!

Cooler here today, a nice respite from the hot days we’ve been having, I’m feeling really OK and so it’s time for me to be off to make a new memory.

Until Tomorrow – take care and be kind to yourself.

My Dad and guess who being taught to ride!

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