Today’s Adventure: PRESSIES I received lots of goodies for Christmas.

Jam Fact: I love Christmas pressies – well any pressies really! 

Well the Christmas period complete with Christmas Carols etc is over for another year and I for one can declare that whilst we had a great “festive season” I ate too much.

So, I was back into walking mode this morning and on my wanderings I discovered that a few gums are out – no idea of their names but they do look so pretty and I had my little camera on hand to take a few shots.

The flowers are earlier than usual – must be the hot weather. The hot weather is driving the birds; parrots and magpies, into the garden. The poor old geranium has been decimated and I gave all my roses a fertilise recently with the you beaut Rose stuff and all had healthy new shoots galore. Alas no longer, the birds got to those too so I shall have to leave out some food for the birds me thinks otherwise I will not have any garden left!

I have read my Jamie Oliver Vegan book and found 7 recipes I could give a go. Don’t you love recipes books –well I do anyway but this little UNYOUNG only ever finds 5/6 recipes in any one book that I end up actually making. I do like looking/reading recipe books.

Speaking of books MY J and I went down to our local library this morning – oops –Didn’t read the email that said no library open until 2nd Jan 2020! Luckily I got 2 fiction books – yes both with happy endings; my givers know I don’t read anything else for Christmas!

So the library visit was only for returns down the afterhours shute – well after MY J and I took several goes before the books finally disappeared down the shute!  Then over to the Shopping Centre we went; I won $13.00 on my Power Ball ticket,  Coles were shut  due to a power failure, so up to Woolies we went –all good there + no Hot Cross Buns which I believe Coles are now selling!  

At least the Chrissie Carols were not on offer, so that was a plus.

The decimated Geranium.

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