Today’s Adventure: These days it seems that my UNYOUNG brain is often challenged, sometimes to no avail. Today has been one of those days.

Jam Fact: I like Cryptic crosswords [never did them when my Dad was alive, even after him trying for hours to teach me how to do them] I just couldn’t get them but now and yes you may be surprised Dad but yes I do like them and yes I can do them. Well the easy ones that is!  

My brain doesn’t always seem to be able to quickly draw a name from my deep storage areas of knowledge and inane information these days. A tad frustrating I can tell you! I often go to tell MY J about someone and their name completely disappears just as I go to say it and then – just love this bit –  at about 3 in the morning I wake and hey presto the name comes to me. I’m impressed that I can still dig up something from decades ago out of the recesses of my mind, even if it is hours later than when I needed it!

So I have started doing Cryptic crosswords again.  I stopped after the last ‘episode’ as the poor old brain had a hit from 2 lots of anaesthetics and just couldn’t focus for a long while.[Just as well I wasn’t allowed to drive during that time!]

I admit freely that I am not a clever person when it comes to Cryptic crosswords. I can only do the book ones where the answers are in the back! But I am back in action and am challenging this little UNYOUNG BRAIN again, which is good because I want to stay an ‘on the boil’ UNYOUNG.

The brain also has been challenged today because I have finished the embroidery part on my latest sewing venture and now I need to work out how to put it together. YOUTUBE has been somewhat helpful –the fact I can even access it is a bonus in itself! Not quite right yet but getting there.I shall show it off when it is finished. 

In the meantime I am continuing to make some wonderful  memories for my brain to store in its deep dark recesses, ready to bring out at my 100th birthday – many years off yet – just saying!

Until tomorrow – take care.


My potted agapanthus on our back veranda -have never seen so many blooms on it before.

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