Today’s Adventure: Our block is an interesting one. It has bush areas, open paddocks and a valley which is full of wild life – well that’s probably too general a term to use; it’s mostly “sleepy Lizards,” all sorts of birds and heaps of kangaroos. I love living here because it’s a rural lifestyle which is sometimes unmatched in its diversity and there is always something to see.

Jam Fact:I like our house and its views. The above photo was taken from my seat on the front verandah.

The weather is cooler and I am able for a few days at least, to sit on our front veranda and sew and watch the passersby and the occasional bit of wildlife.

Not a bad life and I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

Happy last few days of 2019.

Until Tomorrow –treasure every moment you have and treasure it because you shared it with someone special.