Today’s Adventure: We have a lot of  kangaroos on our block. The above picture shows where a group of them have been enjoying the left over crop. 
Jam Fact: I like to walk in the mornings. I like kangaroos.

I have an early morning  walking routine that goes down to the front gate and back up to the back boundary gate. It’s about 2 kilometres all up.

I have always liked to walk and look around at all the happenings.

Yesterday morning’s walk was interesting to say the least! Down at the front gate we have a bit of bush to the left of our entrance roadway. I know the kangaroos like that section of bush – it has good green undergrowth that they like to nibble on – because there are always foot prints around but I have never actually seen any of them.

 Well yesterday I did see one of them and I don’t know who got the biggest shock – me or the kangaroo. This little UNYOUNG JAM was stickybeaking over the road at the new addition to their property –an old bus and I heard a rustling, looked up and there in front of me about 5 metres away was a kangaroo. A BIG kangaroo!

 I could see his eyes clearly; no I didn’t register the colour just that he eyeballed me and I him. Then he did a standing jump over the fence. I did register that it was an impressive jump but then his tail caught on the fence; he tumbled over but quickly righted himself and hopped madly away.

 I tried to get a photo but my camera had been dropped on the ground in my shock of seeing one so close, so no record of the encounter -only what vividly remains in my head.

Tomorrow’s walk as MY J said will not be to the front gate.

Hope your New Year has started well.

Until tomorrow – old Turkish Proverb says; to worry about tomorrow is to be unhappy today.

Take care.



The ducks from the dam were in the side paddock having fun. That encounter was a much more relaxing one!

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