Today’s Adventure: Back again and I have been out and about! 
Jam Fact: I have an excellent group of friends. They like me warts and all. 

I recently went down to the Sorrento Marina to meet up with my long time friends of 40 + years. It was a beautiful day and the place was packed. I am not used to seeing or being around so many people! They were everywhere.  The traffic ride down was pretty full on as well but the drive along the beach front from North Beach to the Marina was just great to see – so peaceful and calm and such a contrast to my ‘brown / golden’ landscape at the minute.

We had a fabulous time together despite G having a bit of a scare early on but all ended well as G was on the receiving end of a good deed done by an anonymous person. It reminded us that there are indeed very good people in this world.

I left for home in such a buoyant mood despite the fact it took me two turns around the car park before I could find the exit. Country driving is such a different way of life – I never get lost parking in the main street  of Northam!

The Marina was a great place to go; I can recommend it but then this little UNYOUNG JAM was feeling good about it simply because she had been with such delightful company.

Until Tomorrow – be kind to yourself. 


My pumpkin and Peace rose patch, looking good.

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