Today’s Adventure:  I can do this without stressing. 
Jam Fact: New Year Resolution – only positive things to come out of my mouth! 

T n J invited us out to their new home which is by the beach.  I always like to take something when I go to someone’s place for a meal. So T, after much to-ing and fro-ing suggested I make a cob dip to bring for nibbles. Well, let me tell you, a cob dip was not in this little UNYOUNG’s repertoire but seeing as the  New Year Resolution is for only positive things to come out of my mouth I could only say -yes I can do that!

Some of you are probably going to say –oh I know what that is and it’s a cinch to make. Just remember though – this little UNYOUNG JAM has never been an adventurous cook and dips to me  have always been simply a mix of some sort [I have discovered you can actually these days buy some really tasty ones,so really no work at all] with biscuits and vegie pieces on the side.

Trust me to go along with T’s suggestion to bring a cob dip! But undaunted I proceeded to Google for an answer to my dilemma and yes  Google  came to my rescue but … even better than that was that Mum L also came to my rescue with a very easy recipe she had tucked away for a rainy day!

So on the way home from my lovely Marina outing I shopped for the said ingredients.  Mundaring had everything I needed except the cob loaf! So it was into Northam the following day and they only had two mini ones but as it turned out they were ideal.

I made the actual dip at home and then, when  we were at T n J’s, Mum L put the thing together for me and it was a big hit with all the guests.

I am going to make another [now that I know how to do it] cob dip for MY J and me.

Not only was it a great night but this little UNYOUNG JAM learnt something new. As they say; it is never too late to learn but better still was the fact that despite the challenge of having to learn a new recipe only positives came out of my mouth whilst  I was giving it a go! So still on track with the 2020 New Year Resolution and that in itself has to be plus. 


Until Tomorrow –Enjoy your day.

Ducks are still on the dam.