Today’s Adventure: My kitchen window offers many a delightful moment. Yesterday the parrots came for a drink at the bird bath. 
Jam Fact: I am taking better photos than I used to even if this one is slightly blurred but it is through my not so clean kitchen window plus the fact my eyesight is not so good either – or maybe  the camera was not focused!

I do know however that I have been unable to read fine print for some time. I put it down to the fact that I am on pretty strong medication but MY J said – no that’s not normal [I wonder sometimes what is actually normal with me!] 

I have worn glasses for reading since I was 40 years old. Now that I am UNYOUNG they sit on my head and are just part of my personae.

I am not a good client when it comes to eye testing. I am the first to admit that. I never know which lens is better when they say, which is clearer, this one or that one. I often say none of them are clearer because this little UNYOUNG’S brain needs time to actually compute the question first let alone look and say oh yes the second one is better.

Yesterday I had my eye appointment. They tested my hearing first and surprise, surprise, especially to MY J, it is all good. In fact they said it is excellent for an UNYOUNG.

Have to own up to MY J now when I say I don’t hear him. I am obviously using selective hearing practices here!

After the lengthy eye test we finally decided that yes there is a very good reason why I am not seeing road signs clearly until I am virtually upon them – have gone up 2 notches or down whichever it is in eye speak.

It took me three assistants and 45 minutes to select my new frames; honestly I am such a procrastinator. Three other people [yes all UNYOUNGS] came and went in the time I took!

In the end I selected what I think is a very stylish pair of Alex Perry frames and the assistants plus a woman who was also getting new frames agreed they are a good choice.

 I have to say all in all that the experience was certainly another adventure to remember but more importantly I will now be able to see much better and that obviously is a real plus. 

Until tomorrow -hope your day is a good one. 

Swan Valley grape season is almost here.

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