Today’s Adventure: Through my kitchen window again – window still not clean!
JAM FACT: Cleaning windows is not my favourite job. In fact you could say  I am lazy when it comes to cleaning windows. 

WHAT BIRD IS THAT? I have never been too knowledgeable about birds and even though we have lots around here, being able to name them has not been my forte 

A treat this morning through the kitchen window!

MY J thinks it is a young Chicken Hawk /Eagle. He came to that conclusion because we don’t know of too many birds that actually eat other birds.

He was on the back patio area eating his spoils for about ½ hour.  Methinks it was a poor unfortunate Will Wag Tail that he was devouring.

First time we have ever seen that sort of thing here but then again it’s the first time we have seen 50 – yes MY J counted – pink and greys on the lawn outside our bedroom window this morning.

It certainly was a very nice way to wake up and they are one of the chirpy little birds we actually we  know the name of. 

Until Tomorrow –take care.

Head down, tail up.

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