Today’s Adventure: Jam Making.

Jam Fact:Jam Making.

Yesterday I made Fig Jam. Lucky for me I got some free figs and some free tips on how to make sure your jam turns out tasty AND it has!

It came about because I  started waffling on about Nigella’s fig and brie toasted sandwich to my sewing friends on our trip to Mandurah. Their responses were many and varied but the very good thing was that I learnt a lot about figs and picked up on some very tasty recipes too.

It is suffice to say that my big free bag of figs were put to good use and it is fair to say that I now have had my annual pig out on figs but to is also fair to say I loved every bite! 

Not enough fig jam to give away – I used big jars instead of small ones so the jars will have to be all opened and consumed by me –that’s selfish I hear you say – maybe but I am looking at it as me spoiling myself and we all need to do that from time to time.

Until tomorrow – I’m not thinking about tomorrow as it will spoil today and I am having a great day here in our bush retreat. 

A Mandurah delight.

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