Today’s Adventure: Getting new glasses always turns into a saga with me.

Jam Fact:I like my new “Frog eye” [ that means big,wide lens in UNYOUNG JAM Speak] glasses.

My new glasses –Alex Perry no less –have arrived and are now on my head.

They are great.

Amazing when you actually get to see detail again, you wonder why your brain doesn’t tell you sooner that things are deteriorating and you are in need of an upgrade.  Having said that I am very happy with my new glasses. The TV faces are clear and I can again read small print –well about font size 12. That’s small print for this little UNYOUNG.

Speaking of UNYOUNG, I added another year to it yesterday. Who cares I say. I am feeling YOUNG in an UNYOUNG sort of way and that to me is all that really counts.

I am ‘coffeeing’ on and enjoying my new glasses plus my photo shots should be better from now on too and that’s another plus.

Until tomorrow – have some fun, especially if you are a Capricorn.

PS Happy Birthday if it is your special day too.




Our next door neighbour made me some birthday cakes -YUM!

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