Today’s Adventure:I have finished my latest sewing project.

Jam Fact: I do enjoy my sewing these days  – very therapeutic. 

My latest sewing project is finished. It is a needle holder. It took me a while to work out how to put it together and it is not quite [well a big not quite] like the teachers but I reckon it has an UNYOUNG JAM sort of touch to it and that’s OK with me.

It has all these individual pouches and I bought some extra needles to fill it up. Wouldn’t look right when I show it to my sewing group otherwise!

Not sure what my next project  will be just yet although technically it probably should be a quilt as our current one is threadbare – it is 35 years old so I guess wearing out is OK. I made it when I went through a patchwork phase. It was all the go at the time that would be back in the 70’s. 

A quilt though is a BIG project and I’m not sure whether the head will cope but we will see how we go. Must remember that it is always Onwards and Upwards for me  or I shall relapse and I definitely don’t need or want that so on that basis it will be a quilt.

I did buy some cotton to knit a summer top so, seeing it is summer maybe that is the project for now. That in itself will be a challenge because I am neither a good or fast knitter so if I want to wear it before summer is over I need to get going on it.

Until tomorrow  – happy days.

There are 6 pockets in all but these two are my favourites - in other words no mistakes evident!

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