Jam Fact:Talking has always been a characteristic of mine! 

“No negative words to come out of this mouth” a New Year resolution. Well wasn’t that a challenge to make for this little UNYOUNG JAM, seeing as I love to talk.

I didn’t realise how many times I say negative things when I talk and it is very evident in two situations.

  1. When I watch the TV news. I have an opinion on everything!
  2. When I am driving. I am very critical of other people’s driving!

So a challenge indeed but I am prepared to give it a go.

I am going to tackle the driving issue first. I drive the Great Eastern Highway a lot – it is our East and West Road. East to Northam, West to Perth. Yesterday I went to Perth and I actually counted how many times I told another driver to ……. and it was 6. Road Rage is not far off in that case so I had better pull my head in! One good reason alone is for my heart health and the other in case there are some wild drivers out there that might come and bang on my window at the Stop lights, get videoed by someone and end up on TV or worse still You Tube.  

So tomorrow I will be off out again so I will see if I can cut back on criticising other drivers.

The no negativity out of this mouth challenge to do better is on.

In the meantime I noticed today whilst out walking that the birds have left my Pierre De Ronson rose alone and it currently has 4 flowers on it. Beautiful blooms they are too.

Until tomorrow – this little UNYOUNG JAM is in the …. think positive mode.

Beautiful orchid from my friend S.

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