Today’s Adventure: An outing to Perth and the traffic I encountered.  
Jam Fact: I am still talking negatively.

The challenge of no negativity coming out of this little UNYOUNG JAM’S  mouth continues. I did not know it would be so hard to curb the words.

I love to talk and that’s a proven fact -talking to others or to myself is a part of my DNA.

Yesterday I went down to Perth. I was very conscious of my no negativity out of mouth challenge and tried to stay focused on positives and whilst I did not achieve the ultimate goal of no incidences I did improve on my last outing of 6 “ UNYOUNG JAM type road rages.”

I feel pretty chuffed just the same because I did encounter a lot of traffic where people were doing what I call silly things so all in all it was even if I say so myself,  a vastly improved  position on what has gone on before! 

I have promised myself a really good coffee fix if I can go down to Perth and back and not have one of my road rages so that should be an incentive for starters.

My next Perth trip will be in 2 days time so I am practising not having negatives out of the mouth at home – yes they still happen whilst watching The TV news – and I must admit it is a lot!

Until Tomorrow –take care.

Out on the open road heading east towards home.

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