Today’s Adventure:Cardio check ups with my Specialist are just part of my life these days. 

Jam Fact: I have cardio vascular disease and I already have 4 stents in the main artery leading to my heart. That definitely is enough plumbing for now!

Yesterday I went down to Midland for my Cardio check up.

Two good things came out of that little adventure.

  1. I do not have to go back to Heart Rehab –YEAH! It’s all systems go! 
  2. And I managed to drive down and back to Midland with me not having any negativity coming out of my mouth. Goes to prove that this little UNYOUNG JAM can do things if she puts her mind to it.

The Cardio check up made me feel ever so good. It has been 4 months since my last hospital stay and I am hoping that this year I can stay right away from hospitals.

Diet and exercise play a big part in me maintaining good health plus of course taking my heart medications.

The Heart Foundation website, with their healthy recipes is a big help and I try to stay on track but every now and then I treat myself to a coffee and muffin and yesterday I gave myself a little treat because I got a good report. Probably should have treated myself to just the coffee but I am weak when it comes to muffins, especially spinach and feta ones; I tell my brain they are healthy as I eat them –pathetic I know! 

The goal for this little UNYOUNG JAM is to stay healthy and reach 100 years of age so with no road rage happenings today, a very good heart report and me trying to make sure only positive things come out of this mouth I am on a roll!

Until Tomorrow – stay as happy as you can. 



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