Today’s Adventure: The above was a recent birthday indulgence. Now I have to exercise a little more! 
Jam Fact: I like to walk and swim even on hots days. 

Not sure what we would do without Air con or our pool on VERY hot days and I mean hot. We have just had a run of 43 and 45 degree days. That to me is hot!

Hot and cold weather never use to worry me but guess what? This little UNYOUNGJAM has a confession to make –now it does.

When we first moved up here, all we had was fans for relief from the heat and as I recall, we managed quite well. Now the fans are just dormant pieces of “furniture.” It is AIR CON in every room for both winter and summer. 

I must admit I have also had a change of clothing types to match those weather temperatures. Summer time sees me in  shorts –not the best look in town but MY J doesn’t care- he’s in shorts too and neither one of us would be suitable for runway showing off these days. But shorts it is. 

My UNYOUNG legs are just not what they use to be. In the dinosaur era when I was an Australian athlete they were very nicely toned. Not so much now and I try not to look but sometimes a mirror image gets in the way. My swimming and walking activities keep them in shape; albeit an UNYOUNG shape if you know what I mean and I for one know they would not definitely not suit the runway look.  

 Do I care – no. Those days are long gone. Life is just too short.

Hot temperatures are a way of life here in my part of the world and that’s OK. I may not holiday in Bali like so many other West Aussies do but as a very happy UNYOUNG every day here in my part of the world is a holiday hot or not.  

Until Tomorrow – take care.

My road to home.

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