Today’s Adventure: Not having negativity coming out of my mouth is proving to be a bigger challenge than I thought . 
Jam Fact: I say a LOT of negative things! 

Yesterday I drove to the Swan Valley for my weekly “Sewing Fix” with my good friends who always make me happy; and no change as we laughed and talked and sewed and me –well I knitted –still working on my masterpiece of knit/purl with a twist.

I only had one driving outburst! YEAH! A legit one I reckon too because I got caught directly behind two big movers going up Greenmount to the mines – 10 km an hour we went. I told the guide vehicle man off as there was definitely plenty of time for me and 10 others to get past before they needed the double lanes to move on. I just love it when they wave their arms and flex their muscles out the window at you. Still I must say the quiet tunes on the radio helped the 25 minute crawl up the hill and I did only say a few words so all good and I am improving on the number of “road rages” I have.

The challenge of course is to keep it up because I am determined to get to the point where very little negativity comes out of my mouth. [None would be I think  an “in your dreams” -in other words realistically beyond me] A long way to go yet – embarrassing as to how much negativity does come out on a daily basis especially when I consciously watch for it; no wonder I get stressed.

The challenge however positively continues on and I have now put down a new bucket list thing – a really good one too to motivate myself to actually achieve the goal. GO UNYOUNG JAM.

Until Tomorrow –stay cool.

My feet are relaxing in the pool after doing 10,000 steps today.

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