Today’s Adventure:Yesterday I went to the Yoga Lounge in Northam for a yoga session

Jam Fact:I like to do yoga.

I discovered yoga a few years ago and found that I enjoyed the session very much. I decided after my last cardio “clearance” a few weeks ago, that I would return to yoga and find my inner calm again and so I dug out my old yoga pants – shock/ horror I discovered they were too big. [I have lost 14 kilos since last yoga sessions; pre heart episodes days –a size 16 is now a size 10 or 12 depending on who makes the garment] so I guess common sense would dictate that there may be a slight problem with the floppiness in the pant legs.

 Never mind, undaunted I arrived at the venue together with a lot of lovely young Mums – all dressed slightly differently from me. This group was definitely a different demographic to my last group but they all unreservedly welcomed me and whilst I can say I could do most of the poses I definitely was a tad rusty.

Today I am a little worse for wear but I have promised myself to do some stretching every day so that next week I will be ready for my Salute to the Sun.

I also must update my yoga gear –not sure that this little UNYOUNGJAM will get into the stretch pants and singlet top just yet – the UNYOUNG arms are just not what they use to be and showing them off at this early stage of the game would be, I reckon a little over the top.

So Yoga sessions are here to stay and hope fully this little UNYOUNG JAM will become a little calmer and a little less stressed as the weeks progress. Well that’s the plan.

Until tomorrow –stay cool. 42 forecast here today. 42 yesterday so we are used to it.

PS. I did not “Road Rage” once on the way to or from Northam yesterday. The mouth is getting better. Good one UNYOUNG JAM.

Avon River

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