Today’s Adventure:I am remembering not to have negativity coming out of my mouth but this adventure has sorely tried the mouth not to say bad things.

Jam Fact: I love the sounds of birds, it’s very therapeutic .

The trees up our drive, which is about 800 metres long, are currently in full bloom and they are a lovely sight. The locals say if you get a good blooming season the winter rains are going to be good. Well by all counts of the number of trees blooming in our driveway we should be in for a wet one.

The Barnabys love our trees and are everywhere at the moment and whilst I like seeing them,[ usually they are a good sign that rain is about 5 days away so maybe the current cyclone up North is headed our way – not going to say that won’t be a welcome sight because boy it has been hot here  -44 yesterday and a bit of rain may break the five day spell of over 40 degrees] those old Barnabys can be a tad naughty. N.B. I’m trying ever so hard to keep my New Year resolution of no negativity out of my mouth here,so let’s see how I go. Those Barnabys have I think, been more than a tad naughty they have in my estimation been a big bit naughty.

I know they are protected but I would also like my trees to be protected too; the birds have snipped off the blooms and now pretty much most -and that’s a lot of metres up the driveway – is like a blanket of blossoms. One could say it looks pretty in a weird sort of way but I would have liked the Barnabys  to just have a feed and then leave the blossoms where they are – on the trees.

Yes the sounds of the Barnabys every year is always welcome and yes I like to put the blooms they cut off for me into vases but I need to train them not to cut every bloom off as I presently don’t have enough vases!

Until tomorrow – enjoy your day.  

PS. I reckon no negativity has occurred in the telling of this adventure. 



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