Today’s Adventure: Down to the Swan Valley to meet my sewing group. 
Jam Fact:I really like sewing Fridays.

Yesterday I went down to the Swan Valley – over an hour’s drive from here but I can report that this little UNYOUNGJAM is getting better with the negativity out of mouth whilst driving. Only one outburst yesterday –usually have two or three up or down Greenmount and usually with those drivers who cut in front of me when really there is not room unless I slacken off the accelerator to let them in. So an BIG improvement and I feel much more relaxed when driving these days –funny thing that – negativity and me really don’t go together but this UNYOUNG brain sometimes takes a while to get into the groove of things – as in this case like 5 decades!

Sewing was great but I had to confess to all that I have made another mistake – 6 rows of it in the easy knit/ purl twist vest and I was all for saying I’ll make it the back and no one will know but they of the much better sewing wisdom than me replied yes but you will know it is there and you will always think of it and yes they are right so over the next few days I am going to have a go at taking the 6 rows out. This little UNYOUNG JAM will need to be at her best to concentrate and not lose the lot when I start unravelling it.  

The Swan Valley is looking good at this time of year. The vines are very prolific and all the grapes look and taste YUM! Well the ones I’ve sampled and that’s a lot so far this season.

Sewing Fridays are always a treat for me and yesterday was no different. I came home very happy and what more could you want.

Until Tomorrow –stay happy yourselves.


Yes they not only look great but they taste great too!

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