Today’s Adventure:  Summer is here to stay – above my view from the pool when I am attempting UNYOUNG JAM’s version of backstroke. 
Jam Fact:I enjoy swimming.

Last week has seen our part of the world have five days of over 40 degrees. Two 45 degree days and 3 x 42. You will agree no doubt that, that is definitely HOT.

Hot days are fine with me though – well of course that’s because luckily for this little UNYOUNG JAM our pool is just what the Dr ordered and I have been wallowing in comfort in it every day.

I love the summertime. Not sure I would be quick to say it though if we didn’t have Air Con or the pool!

I have a resident wasp that dive bombs me so I wear a very smart looking hat to avoid his attempts. He is yet to make contact but believe me it isn’t for the want of trying. Next week is also looking to be a hot one so more swimming enjoyment coming right up.

Until tomorrow – I am thinking, doing and saying happy things.

PS.I reckon I will have that New Year Resolution of “No negativity to come out of this mouth” achieved before the year is out. 

Me in wasp protected hat.

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