Today’s Adventure: Venturing to the South of Perth with my friend ME 
Jam Fact: ME is a very dear friend and we have a friendship that extends over  40 + years – that in itself says a lot. 

On Monday I drove down to the Carousel Shopping Centre in Cannington.  I did not Road Rage once – so I celebrated on the way home by buying myself a big feed of Swan Valley grapes.  [My Sugar levels will be off the planet but hey I have proved that I can do my New Year Resolution of not having negativity out of this mouth whilst driving and I reckon it deserved a reward. It has been rare over the decades for me to actually achieve a New Year Resolution so early in the year! Good one UNYOUNG JAM!]

I met with my friend ME outside David Jones. We had a great time – neither of us had been to see the New Carousel Centre so it was a treat. We always have a good time together where ever we go; just wandering and talking and looking and sometimes buying something that takes our fancy. I bought a new shirt – a blue one, fancy me choosing a blue one, every second shirt in my wardrobe is blue!

I especially wanted to go to David Jones to get my tin of ginger and date Byron Bay biscuits. They are YUM! They had them in stock [I had checked online beforehand–yes I am becoming tech savvy.] The tin as the week progresses I can assure you is diminishing. MY J likes them too so it won’t take long before I will be in need to visit a David Jones again with ME of course. 

We managed at the end of our escapade to get ourselves out of the car park, a new experience for both of us UNYOUNGS –you type in your car number plate, it tells you how much you owe and then you pay.  Very nifty but I must acknowledge that I did have to ask at the Concierge desk what we had to do. When it is a young one I am asking, I preface my question with – think Grandma and can you help me. 99 times out of 100 the kids always smile at that comment and then become most helpful.

Not sure where we will venture next but we will meet again at another shopping centre soon and proceed to have another day of fun together. I look forward to our next escapade – it could be at a shopping centre near you! Well clearly not if you live in Melbourne or any other interstate city!

Until tomorrow – be kind to yourself.

This is the beaut tin you get with the biscuits.

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