Today’s Adventure: New yoga pants work out – a size 12 with no flapping legs.

Jam Fact:I can do downward dog – well my version of it anyway.

Yoga –such a good therapy exercise for me. I went again earlier in the week with all the young Mums.

I positioned myself in the room so I could see the teacher clearly and also had a young mum either side so I could watch them when the teacher went too fast with the instructions or I simply could not follow the instructions! All good though and I managed a few more positions without too much of a struggle this week.

I have set myself two targets.

  1. To do the “sit pose” without toppling off the booster
  2. Wear the proper gear. When I get to this stage I can assure you this little UNYOUNG JAM will not wear the gear out to do my shopping afterwards. I shall change beforehand!

So two targets here we come. Plus I plan to meet my friend D for a coffee after the session every week.

Yoga definitely has it benefits!

Until tomorrow –be happy


AVON River

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