Today’s Adventure: To Scarborough and beyond. 
Jam Fact:I love the sea; it always has a calming effect on me.

I had a fantastic adventure yesterday. It certainly lived up to me making sure I have fun in my life and I am smiling every day. 

My sewing group went on their monthly outing and I had a really, really good time. I drank and ate very well. I almost was a very, very good UNYOUNG and no sweets on the menu but by the time 2.30 pm came around I was ready for a coffee and a treat. I chose banana bread – my UNYOUNG brain said bananas are sort of OK in a bread. It was Yum so the brain sort of relaxed back into not beating me up for not staying on track with my heart diet.

We laughed and generally solved the world’s problems throughout the day and it was so good to spend quality time with people you really love to be with. I even got some new ideas to sharpen up my pantry so I am planning an adventure to some sort of storage shop soon to get some you beaut shelves. It should be excellent when I am finished. I shall be able to find everything as soon as I walk into it. Currently it is still a bit of a challenge to find something even after my reorganising of shelving and big labelling action recently – it still could do with more organising so it will be a real bonus when it is completely how I would like it AND I reckon even MY J will be able to find things more easily when he ventures in. What a bonus that will be.

Next outing will be in a month’s time and R [whose turn it is to say where we go] will discuss the where and what next sewing day and that is most certainly a great thing for me to look forward to.

Until tomorrow – Smile because it will make you feel happy.


MINDARIE Marina where we had our lovely lunch.

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