Today’s Adventure: Taking photos 
Jam Fact: I like to take photos on my adventures.

I am not the best photographer in the world but my friend S who is an excellent one, has given me a few tips along the way. I try to take some photos every day not only for my Blog but every year I give some of my family and friends a calendar with 12 of my best shots for the year in it. They always say how great it is so I am still doing it and it does make sure that I look around me and appreciate the world I am in every day and that is of course one of the reasons for my Blog.

I am now pretty good at making sure I have an adventure a day and that includes me taking a photo. I have however learnt something about my persona though when I actually take a photo.

Apparently I concentrate so much that my mouth drops open. My friend P on our outing last week said, every photo I take my mouth is open [ Isn’t P a good observer]and since then as I am now conscious of it –Yep my mouth is open when I shoot a shot.

I haven’t actually seen myself doing it but I can definitely imagine that it would not be a good look even if I get a good photo from using said action, so the challenge is to keep my mouth closed from here on in.

Gosh that is two things to focus on; firstly, if I want to keep my little Nikon camera steady as I shoot , S says elbows into chest, that is probably why my mouth drops open – that’s not an easy thing to do believe me elbows into breasts, especially as now I have become UNYOUNG I am actually a Size 14+ across the breasts, biggest size  in my life – oops too much information!

And secondly –mouth closed whilst shooting.

So I am setting the target of taking  a photo with this  mouth shut -the plus here of course is that no negativity comes out of mouth whilst shooting. Good one UNYOUNG JAM! 

My best photo of the week to be taken with my mouth closed, to feature in my Blog. The photo will also of course be a strong contender for a calendar spot in the 2021 UNYOUNG JAM edition so they have to be the best my little Nikon can produce with my mouth shut and my arms in a good photo taking position.

 Who knows my photography skills may even go up a notch. 

Until Tomorow – be kind to yourself. 



Seagulls galore at Mindarie.

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