Today’s Adventure: Coffee at the Shramrock Hotel now DOME
Jam Fact:  I can do a downward dog -YEAH!

Yoga session number 3 was this morning.

I have been practising every day to improve my yoga skills,  so that when I go to the actual teaching session I can be a little more competent with it all.

However, the ‘ salute to the sun’  has been causing this little UNYOUNGJAM some problems and this morning unfortunately, I actually had to opt out of doing it as it was causing the unyoung heart a bit of stress BUT I did manage to complete the downward dog extremely well so I was pretty chuffed about that.

After yoga my friend D and I had a coffee at the new DOME in Northam. It is in the old historic Shramrock Hotel and the renovations they have done to the building are really first class. I have had many a drink and meal at the hotel over the years so it is great to see that they retained all of its old woodwork areas.

Later we went shopping in the Boulevard –yes we have a very upmarket shopping area in our country town and we found me some leggings suitable for yoga, so next week I will definitely look the part with the other young Mums and they were a size 10!Good one UNYOUNGJAM.

I will continue to practise the poses all this week AND I have to add another one to my repertoire – I was thrown this morning when the teacher said –we are doing a new one today! Heck I am still learning last week’s ones!

Until tomorrow – enjoy your day.

PS I had a ‘road rage’ incident on the way into town, so I can’t tick off the New Year Resolution yet as there is still some negativity coming out of mouth! Well a lot came out this morning so it’s back to the drawing board for this little UNYOUNG JAM.

A Northam streetscape - taken with my mouth closed!

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