Today’s Adventure: To Mundaring and back. 
Jam Fact: I like to shop – even food shopping excites me!

This morning My J drove me down to Mundaring shopping centre. I like to shop there. I always like seeing the  Old School House [situated in the  corner of the centre]which is currently being used as Tourist Bureau. I went to school in one very similar to that in Baldivis so when I see it I always feel good. 

It was an extra good shopping experience today as MY J was there to push the trolley for me – always a better experience when I don’t have to push, as I always seem to manage to get one with wonky wheels when I grocery shop on my own.

If I do happen to pick one with a wonky wheel I usually proceed to grizzle to myself about it the entire time I wander the aisles. I am yet to take one back when I discover it has a wonky wheel -why is that ? Is this little UNYOUNG  a martyr when it comes to continuing to use a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel? Probably! 

Mundaring today was not busy at all –not sure why. Maybe everyone was elsewhere celebrating “hump” day today. All I know is, I was very happy to be where I was. 

 Until tomorrow – stay safe. 



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