Today’s Adventure: Some healthy REMINISCING.

Jam Fact: I have driven a lot of Holden miles in my time. 

The Holden closure has caused some excitement in our household!

Well not because the factory is closing down obviously – definitely a sad day for Australia in our book but because the news made us reflect on all the Holden cars we have had in our lifetime.

Turns out we have had between MYJ and myself – 15 Holdens and every vehicle has its own memories but our best ones are when we owned the cars together.

We have spent the last couple of days reminiscing and listing down all our Holden vehicles. Just MYJ’s and mine although our immediate family members have over the years, had many too.  We have had a lot of fun doing that believe me. 

It was good that our memories were pretty much aligned and I have now set myself the task of going through all our old photos [yes many are black and white ones] and trying to find actual photographs of our Holdens. Won’t that be fun!  It will force me to clean out the photo box -you know the box where you put all the old photos and say “Must sort them out one day” Well I can feel a day coming on soon -maybe a rainy day and I am going to find those Holden pictures so we can continue on with our reminiscing -reminiscing makes you feel good I reckon. Well that’s certainly true for this little UNYOUNGJAM.

Until tomorrow – be happy.

PS I shall upload a “Holden photo” just as soon as I find one -in the meantime I share with you a couple of my favourite flower pictures, hopefully taken with mouth closed. 

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