Today’s Adventure:Going to the Swan Valley always makes me feel good. Yesterday I went via Midland to do some shopping before heading off to my weekly “I feel great” sewing session.

Jam Fact: I do not have a tidy pantry -MY J and I can never  find things in there quickly, so I am on a mission and fixing up the pantry is on the menu. 

Shopping in Midland is usually a pretty good experience for me  –  good parking, good choice of shops and good wide aisles not only in the shops themselves but in the malls too and yesterday was just that, in fact not only was it a good experience it was an excellent one.

 I knew exactly what I wanted [yes I had prepared myself and looked it up online] I was out to purchase some shelving and some new you beaut storage containers. I did not fail the mission completely but neither did I complete it fully. First, it took me a tad longer than I thought it would because there was a slight problem with me procrastinating. [I am a procrastinator from way back although writing this Blog has certainly helped a great deal, as having an adventure a day tends to give me the impetus to get on and have fun – lots of it and not waste time overthinking things.]

But – when I arrived at the kitchen area in K MART  there were other really great storage ideas that I did not see when I was browsing online – maybe I was just looking in the wrong place, anyway whatever the reason, the fact was there were too many things for me to choose from and so after some time discussing the pros and cons with the very helpful KMART employee I left with just a few things.

In the end I decided to set up just one pantry shelf and then if it is a success, go back for more.  

Sort of a bit of a trial and error run – see I am still a procrastinator but in a good way because now I have an excellent excuse to return for another shopping spree and more good news, now that I have installed the new bits, yes it is a success and so I will definitely be going back for more.

So, one pantry shelf down – 4 more to go. This little UNYOUNG JAM is ready for the trip back to K MART.  Have made a new shopping list and it’s already in the bag. Let’s hope they are not out of stock when I get there! Must remember to take bigger and several bags to bring the goodies home in too. 

Until tomorrow – when the sun will come up – be happy.

Lots of happy ducks on the dam.

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