Today’s Adventure:Knitting – so not my forte but I challenged myself with making a vest and I have now finished it.  Jam Fact: Do I love to knit -not really. 

The knitted vest project is finally, yes finally finished. YEAH!

It was not without its challenges and pulling out knitting I have learnt, is not one of my favourite things to do and not something I wish to repeat any time soon.

This knitting project gave me headaches and was a tad stressful – probably due to my basic knitting skills and impatience. I also talk a lot when I knit or so MY J says; that’s not a surprise as I talk a lot full stop – knitting or no knitting happening- so mistakes when I am honest with myself, were inevitable really.

Negative words [lots in fact] came out of my mouth when I couldn’t fathom the bit to cast off on the back piece. Turns out I had misread the instructions at the beginning which didn’t help. Pattern says knit all in one piece – I interpreted that to mean one piece for the front, one piece for the back –no wonder the instructions when it came to casting off didn’t work –duh!   Help in the form of an expert knitter was sought and hey presto her instructions worked, so I was able to remedy my little dilemma and finish the garment.

Mistakes and the garment project were synonymous and talking of mistakes when I finally managed the adjusted cast off bit I could not believe my little eyes when I  found a mistake in the middle, yes right in the middle of the back piece but I decided it was staying there – definitely no more pull outs, it was finito! Besides I think the obvious mistake, well not if you don’t look too closely- like a man on a galloping horse wouldn’t see it concept, gives it character and unquestionably represents my effort and skilful mastery of the knit, purl with a twist pattern.

MY J said he was glad the project was finished as it gave him a headache just watching me tackle the thing when it went awry and that I have to say was more often than I would have liked. Still it’s finished and in my opinion, it looks OK – well maybe when worn with a very nice colourful scarf. 

It’s a summer wardrobe item and summer is still here so all in all not a bad little adventure just one that I don’t think will pass this way again but who knows this little UNYOUNG JAM these days is always up for adventures of pretty much anything and I do have some cotton left over – so maybe I could find an easy pattern to make??  

Until tomorrow – happy adventuring.




Not the best photo in town of the knit/ purl with a twist pattern but you can see why perhaps it did my head in a times!

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