Today’s Adventure: MOVIES and RAIN. Yesterday I went to the movies with my friend D. Thunderstorms and rain happened when we returned home.

Jam Fact: I love it when it rains on our tin roof.

It has been raining gently for almost 12 hours. It is great as it has had a chance to soak into the soil across the property rather than cause any running torrents as it has done in summers past when the ground is parched. The garden has not suffered and the roses and gerbera flowers are standing tall. So all good – MY J says no,it will bring up the paddock weeds at this time of year but for my garden its an excellent drop of rain. Can’t win them all I say.  

Yesterday I had a great day with My Friend D. We went down to MIDLAND –one road rage occurred in my head when someone was lane hopping and cut in front of me-D was a good calmer so I did not voice the opinion out loud!  We saw the movie “Emma” – met the costume designer, long story of how that happened, of “A Fortunate Life” which is coming to downtown Northam later in the year. We use to have a movie theatre in town – its part of the Boulevard now which is good but the movie theatre was good too. Just couldn’t keep going with costs of movies etc. Sadly that’s progress and Rural life.

D and I had a nice lunch, coffee with no cake. We were so good about the cake even if it was on special, then we found some bargains at the Kitchen shop – we like going in there and browsing to see what’s new or on sale, not that either of us need anything, our kitchens are full of gadgets that we no longer use – I’m sure you can relate to that, best one we bought yesterday was a thing you put between your saucepan and lid so it doesn’t overflow. I tried it last night and yes it works –good shopping D and UNYOUNG JAM!  We also bought a cheese board on special –we are both tucking it away in our Christmas box for a lucky person to receive come 2020 Christmas time!

When we came out of the shopping centre, it definitely had been raining heavily, puddles were everywhere;, the black clouds followed us home and by 5 pm the rain had started to gently fall.

I went to sleep last night, after a lovely day, with rain falling on our tin roof. Nothing is better than that.

Until tomorrow – take care and be kind to yourself.

I bought this gerbera 3 years ago and this is the first time it has flowered. I like it -no idea of its name though.

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