Old Church in the Swan Valley.

Today’s Adventure:Sewing afternoon. Not much sewing from me done but plenty of coffee, eats and laughs. In other words the usual happy afternoon session in the Swan Valley.

Jam Fact: I am still enjoying my embroidery.

Stormy weather has been happening on and off for 3 days here in my part of the world and we ended up with 25 ml of rain all up. A good drop to end our summer with and yesterday, as the storms had virtually abated, I ventured down to the Swan Valley to meet up with my sewing friends for our usual afternoon of fun. 

Rain poured down in buckets [storms not quite over!] when I reached Midland and I definitely had negativity coming out of my mouth to drivers, several in fact, who did not modify their driving habits to suit the wet weather driving conditions – well of course that’s my view, maybe not the view of others, especially the person who gave me the one finger at the lights because I wouldn’t go on the amber signal.

Obviously still haven’t mastered stopping the negativity coming out of mouth as I returned the finger with a comment of my own[ just heard inside my car of course, not game enough to say it out the window as they might come at me with a baseball bat –who knows these days –another good reason for me to stop the negativity out of mouth syndrome happening] but I must say the drive home under a clear sky was very pleasant indeed and only good things were in my head and no negativity came out of mouth.

There was just little UNYOUNG JAM singing happily along to the radio station that was playing Beatles songs. I definitely knew all the words, definitely wasn’t quite in tune but this little UNYOUNG JAM had a ball!  

The storms have passed, my garden has survived the downpours and I am on to my next sewing project.  So all is VERY good in my part of the world.

Until tomorrow  – be kind to yourself.

The only storm damage found so far. Small branch across the side road up to the back.

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