Today’s Adventure:I like to take photos – it wasn’t always a bit of a thing but it is now. It helps me to observe life around me and to stay positive. Today I selected my pick of the week and it goes to the bee on my Pumpkin Flower – above -plus I think there are some ants there too!

Jam Fact:I have a basic Nikon camera.

I challenged myself the task of taking enough “good” photos each week, to enable me to choose a “Photo of the Week” and last week was my first week of taking at least 10 photos so I had enough to actually go through the process of picking out the best one.

Turns out that this little UNYOUNG JAM can meet that challenge because my winner this first week is – The bees are back, well one was when the “shoot” took place.

My second choice was the one of the sky before the storms.

I look forward to what this next week will offer.

Until tomorrow – take care and be kind to yourself.

The eastern sky before the storms last week.

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