Today’s Adventure: Out and about at home

Jam Fact:I still jump when I unexpectedly see our “resident” Bung Arrow.

After last week’s rains I have been out and about at home looking for any changes in the landscape and there have been quite a few.

A green pick is appearing in the paddocks, there have been lots of “Barnabys” – white tails, lots of pink and greys[seen above having a feed on the new green pick, ] heaps of little geckos running up and down the walls and our resident Bung Arrow is very cheekily wandering up and down the verandah.

Today he was wandering along the pool paving, not sure what he was after; all I know is that this little UNYOUNG JAM was too slow to get the camera out in time to snap a really good shot of him.  

I must say it is very pleasant to sit on the front verandah and virtually watch the paddocks coming to life with the green shoots. The landscape is changing – Summer is over and Autumn is here.  

Until tomorrow – always remember that we are all unique and are special in every way.

Our resident"Bung Arrow" - I only managed to get a shot of his tail before he saw me and took off helter skelter across the paddock.

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