Today’s Adventure: A great day with friends which included a lesson in taking a good photo!

JAM FACT: I enjoy my photography –as humble as it is.

Yesterday I went down to Guildford and met my friends who drove from their residences by the beach to meet me halfway from home for lunch. My friends are good like that! We met at the Riverside@Woodbridge. G brought her friend C from Adelaide which was an added bonus.

We had a lot of laughs, a great meal and I got a how to ‘zoom and focus’ lesson from my photographer friend S; her work is fantastic – if you want to see some, go to

After said lesson –well several in fact I had a golden opportunity to take a great snap [surely would have been my snap of the week] of 3 very smart looking Kookaburras sitting together on a branch.

I have ended up with a nice shot of the branch where they sat but by the time I got myself focused, zoomed and ready to snap they had flown off one by one.  Embarrassing to say the least but a great day out was had by this little UNYOUNG JAM and there was not one ‘road rage’ incident from me on the way home, so all is good in my part of the world. 

Until Tomorrow – think, do and say happy things.

Believe me - the kookaburras were sitting there at one point!

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