Today’s Adventure: Shopping in Mundaring is always a treat for me.

Jam Fact: I like shopping.

MY J and I went down to Mundaring. We had a quick bite to eat on the verandah at the Patch of Country Cafe where MY J shared a very tasty Vanilla Slice with me before we headed over the road to the Supermarket. 

It may be my last shopping outing /lunch date with MY J for a while. On Doctor’s advice [and MY J’s] I will be staying away from “people” in general until I have had a few needles – like whooping cough and pneumonia. From all accounts people over a certain age and with a predisposed heart disease are in the high risk category for the “Coronavirus” so that includes little UNYOUNGJAM.

So until things are a little clearer about it all and I have updated my vaccination status for some of the diseases already out there [building up my immune system], I am going to be very selective with my outings/locations etc.

I am even going to give online grocery shopping a try – well that’s the plan; currently just trying to find a supermarket which will deliver to my part of the world.

Until tomorrow –take care.

A Patch Of Country Cafe - Mundaring. Great coffee, great meals,great Vanilla Slices!

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