Today’s Adventure: Out walking and the gums are flowering one by one. 
Jam Fact: I do not know the names of many trees on our property.

I always say we have lots of Gums and I know that’s just technically a generic term as there are a number of species here including some really old Jarrah trees and some ‘widow makers’. I should find out what they all actually are but it is not something I have ever wanted to do as I can appreciate the blossoms just the same – named or unnamed.

The first round of blossoms – white, have finished and now the yellow blossoms are out. They make such a pretty sight. Walking this morning was such a treat as there was an abundance of birds and plenty of blossoms for me to take some snaps of.

I shall go online later and see if I can identify just what the yellow blossoms are and to see if I can log in to the Woolworths online shopping – they appear to be the only supermarket to deliver out to my part of the world.

Until tomorrow  – be happy.

I just love the strength of colour in these blossoms.